Being of Light Music Studios

Music lives in you. Let it Shine.

Canda Daryl Fisher, Owner, Voice & Piano Instructor

My goal as Voice Instructor, Vocal Coach and Piano Instructor is to push talent to go a step further in each lesson, because I see and hear what they could be capable of if challenged. I motivate and embrace each student’s originality as musicians and performers while helping them improve and have fun!

A little about me, I received a Master's in Vocal Performance with a primary focus on vocal technique, breath coordination, crossover vocal style, coaching, and dramatic interpretation.

As an experienced voice instructor for developing technique and restoring voices of all genres, and a vocal coach specializing in crossover and and contemporary talent (pop, alternative rock, R&B/urban, gospel,etc.). I have also had the opportunity to coach rap lyricists and spoken word artists into developing vocal stamina with proper vocal technique and exercises to help reduce strain and fatigue while doing shows.

My music curriculum includes honing technique, projection and stamina, breath and body coordination, dramatization and stage presence, as well as learning and applying concepts in music theory, and music appreciation. I also advise and provide holistic resources on nutrition and diet, maintaining vocal and physical health, ways to relieve vocal strain, muscle tension and anxiety, artist development, and lyrical analysis of songs.

I teach my students to not focus on the length of their practice, but work productively so that they become better musicians, and aid in setting goals and discipline for them. After 3 or 6 months students would have learned a foundation of vocal technique and/or beginning piano, basic concepts of music theory, and how to approach a new song with a new mindset of study and performance. In my sessions, I enjoy empowering students to develop self-esteem, confidence, and discipline as they set goals for themselves.

Overall I help students help themselves instill a positive work ethic, and encourage students to discover who they are through their innate abilities to perform and make music. For more advanced vocalists, it is rewarding to see and hear them perform at their peak as we troubleshoot technical areas together and how to emote honestly through our music. As a songwriter and vocal arranger, I also advise musicians that need help designing song structures or hearing vocal harmonies and advise on stylings/riffs that fit one's vocal style and am available to work with you if you are seeking songwriting sessions as well.

Since vocal training is very focused on creating musical sounds internally versus externally, I accept students ages 10 - Adult, as young voices are still developing, and if he/she is comfortable receiving instruction and taking direction on their voice. For ages under 10 that enjoy singing, I incorporate a combination of learning piano and singing along, that way they can learn basic music theory while training their musical ear to establish pitch. I also offer beginning piano along with music theory for children and adults ages 5-Adult, and especially enjoying helping vocalists learn how to play piano so they can become better musicians.

Kevin Fisher, Percussion Instructor, Songwriting Advisor, & Producer

Since 1998 Kevin Fisher has been involved in various concert and symphony competitions as well as teaching those instruments to other percussionists as part of the band. Having started drums at the early age of ten, his passion to play and his talent led him to leadership roles such as Captain of over 20 band students in 1996 at Druid Hills High School and was appointed Drumline Captain of over 45 colleagues each year of 1998-2000 at Fort Valley State University.

Mr. Fisher, husband of Canda Daryl, is also an instructor at Being of Light Music Studio in which he teaches percussion to children. He loves to teach those who want to learn and loves to motivate those with the slightest ambitions of being a percussionist. Mr. Fisher is also a performing artist, hip hop and spoken word lyricist, songwriter, DJ and producer. He is also available for consulting services in songwriting for individuals and workshops.