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Zumbini® with Canda  Ages 0-4 years old

What is Zumbini®? Zumbini® is an exciting 45 minutes of bonding and learning fun through music and dance for children ages 0-4! Created by Zumba and BabyFirst, our program uses music and movement to promote cognitive, social, emotional, and motor skill development for the children in class, all while creating the ultimate bonding experience for them and their caregivers.  

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Also available for Virtual Zumbini Birthday Parties on ZOOM! 

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Voice Lessons and Coachings - Ages 10-Adult

Come experience a spiritually-based environment of individual and group vocal coaching and lessons in voice or beginning piano. Rooted spiritually in God's love, our studio offers aspiring talent positive effective ways to nurture their passion for music with a free mind, a healthy body, and loving spirit. 

Whether music is a career or hobby for you, here you will receive strategic lessons intended to help you achieve personal goals through technical development while honing your craft with focus and confidence, key to attaining peak performance and receiving fulfillment in sharing your talents with others. You will also receive advice and holistic resources on nutrition and diet, maintaining vocal and physical health, ways to relieve vocal strain, muscle tension and anxiety, artist development, and lyrical analysis of songs.

Our music curriculum includes honing technique, projection and stamina, breath and body coordination, dramatization and stage presence, as well as learning and applying concepts in music theory, and music appreciation.Talent will develop a foundation of vocal technique and how to approach a new song with a new mindset of study and performance. 

Voice Lessons Include:

  • techniques, concepts, and exercises for vocal development 
  • techniques and concepts toward studying music
  • how to utilize vocal technique and mental preparation in order to maximize your performance as a singer. 
  • coaching through music repertoire (i.e. style, diction, expression) 
  • preparation in order to achieve peak performance as a singer 
  • consulting on artist development

Technique for all Music Styles. Taught by Canda Daryl.

Voice Lessons for Ages 10 - Adult.*

*The starting age of voice study is 10 years, as young voices are still developing. Vocal students are selected based on talent and if the child is comfortable receiving critique and following instruction on their vocal instrument. For ages under 10 that wish to pursue singing but aren't comfortable with concentrating solely on the voice, we incorporate a combination of learning beginning piano and singing along, that way they can learn basic music theory while training their musical ear to establish pitch.

Rates vary per studio location. On our "Contact" page, we invite you to complete our contact form and indicate your location to receive more info.

Piano Lessons - Ages 4 and up

Miss Canda helps young talent instill discipline and a positive work ethic, and encourages students to discover who they are through their innate abilities to THINK, CREATE, and PERFORM. Students achieve personal goals through technical development while honing their craft with focus and confidence. Within 3 to 6 months of music study, students will learn to work productively in their practice so that they become better musicians, and will be empowered to set goals and develop self-esteem, confidence, and discipline.

Come learn concepts of fingering, keys, scales, chord structures, sightreading and theory, and how to play by ear! Lessons aren't always taught in a book - Miss Canda steps outside the box with songs and activities to make piano fun and easy to learn. 

Beginning to Early Intermediate Piano Lessons for Ages 4 and up.

Percussion/Drums - Beginning to Intermediate

Learn the basic rudiments of percussion, techniques, as well as how to read percussion music in a composition. Taught by Performing Artist, Songwriter and Musician Kevin Nixon, students will learn concert style, marching band and trapset concepts that build stability and consistency in playing percussion.

Lessons for Ages 10 - 18 yrs.

Rates vary per studio location. On our "Contact" page, we invite you to complete our contact form and indicate your location to receive more info.
Music Theory, Sight-singing, & Ear Training

Music is a beautiful language - not only is it wonderful to communicate through artistic expression, being able to read, write, and speak musical concepts with other musicians will make you a stronger musician.

Students will learn how to sightread music and develop a musical ear, apply basic to immediate principles in music theory, and will receive coaching through music repertoire (i.e. harmony, intonation, style, diction, expression).


Not able to commute to the studio? Now offering lessons in voice, piano, and music theory to clients anywhere in the world-on Google Hangouts...All you need is:

  • a Free Google account
  • a Computer 
  • a Webcam (compatible for Google Hangouts) with built-in Microphone, OR
  • a Headset (compatible for Google Hangouts)
  • a Strong Internet Connection 
  • and Music, of course
30 Minute Lesson Assessment: We schedule an introductory lesson & assessment with potential clients to give them an opportunity to execute techniques and to see how the instructor works and if you are a good match. We will conduct the session like a regular class, the instructor will introduce a technique or two, and after that, we can discuss the right lesson arrangement that best suits your needs.