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Being of Light Voice & Piano Studio
10 reviews
"Mrs. Canda is a delight to work with. She is professional and a very talented vocal coach."
~Jacqueline M.

"My daughter loves working with Miss Canda. She has been GREAT!"
~Marva R.

"Canda is an excellent music instructor for anyone wanting to gain knowledge on how to play the piano or sing. She taught both piano and voice to my daughter. She was very patient and encouraging. She motivated my daughter to perform beyond her potentials. I would highly recommend her."
~Cynthia Wilder, parent

"Canda is an amazing vocal teacher. I learned many techniques for singing and greatly improved my voice. Canda teaches in a way that you can really understand and grasp and it will stay with you. I enjoyed singing at performances she put together and learned a lot about myself an how to be more comfortable singing in front of others."

~Natalie Furman, singer

"Ms. Canda was a wonderful piano instructor for my daughters. She is very patient, organized and caring. She made sure my daughters were always motivated and made sure they enjoyed playing the piano."

~Sofia Pellegrino, parent

" was perfect. I couldn't have prayed for anything better. Initially, my stomach was in knots. I could barely stand all morning. When the wedding party began to walk through the doors, I was behind the doors singing. By the time the chorus came on, I began to walk out and everyone was amazed because no one knew that it was me singing. Some people said they thought it was the CD. Some people said they knew it was a live person, but of course no one knew it was me. As I sang, I poured my heart out and I acted like I was on stage pointing to him and holding my hand out to him…He was taken back, no tears though. Everyone loved the a capella part at the end... that you threw in for me. After the song ended, my father was standing adjacent to me, handed me my bouquet and my father and I proceeded to walk down the aisle. It was beautiful. The wedding was perfect. I couldn't have asked God for anything more. Thank you so much for all of your help and for your flexibility. I really appreciate it.”

-Chanel M., Vocalist and Bride (serenaded her husband at her wedding)

"Canda Daryl is an amazing vocal instructor for all levels of experience and all styles of music!"

- Kevin Fassanella, rock singer/songwriter

"Miss Canda has helped me find my mature voice and helped me learn breathing techniques and to grow as a musician"

- Kelly, 15 years old

"I took voice lessons from Canda, and really enjoyed them. She is fun to work with and adapts your lessons to suit your personal style and interests."

- Katherine Sacksteder, vocalist

"Canda is a great vocal coach & a good friend. When I first contacted her in 2007, I had not sung in several years & wanted to refresh my instrument. She listened carefully to my goals & gave me appropriate vocal exercises to attain them. She even suggested songs & artists she thought would be a good fit for my voice. I greatly appreciate all I learned from her & have even referred her to my mom!

~Christiana Huff, singer & songwriter

"My voice is more clear and strong. I feel more confident!"

-Daniela, 10 years old